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POPGuide not only offers first class audio guide content of the most sought-after locations of a city, but it also comes with an offline map (no roaming costs), offline navigation between the points of interest and a "Get Me Home" button.

Access codes for clients can be generated instantly from the business partner's account.

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POPGuide is a pioneering service product for hotels, combining innovation, exclusivity, elegance and convenience. These quality features make it an amenity of very high added value for your guests.

In fact, POPGuide happens to be one of the most inexpensive amenities of the hotel industry.

Imagine being able to provide your guests with a user friendly, multilingual audio tour of a city and all they need to do is simply download it to their smartphones.

Exploring the city has never been easier.

From this app, they will be able to navigate their way to the places they want to visit. By pressing the play button, they will hear the entertaining audio content.

When they are ready to come back, a simple click of the “Get Me Home” button will redirect them to your hotel.

And the best part? This can all be done offline.

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How It Works

The POPGuide App only works with access codes generated exclusively by our Business Partners.

  • Create an access code within few seconds by having a single code for a group of people, or a single code for each of your guest.
  • Create an address-book of your “Home Locations”. Ex: Hotel address, bus station, dock of the ship, meeting point etc.
  • Add any kind of information to each Home Location. Ex: your website link; SOS telephone number; your social media pages etc.
  • Have those information translated in any language you desire. Your customer will simply see the message in their preferred language.

Try now our QR codes generator in order to unlock your contents within seconds.

App Features
Data collections

We can provide you valuable data about guest usage of the App. This will give you the possibility of knowing better the guest’s preferences and maximize your sales.

Works Offline

Once downloaded, content is easily accessible without an Internet connection, therefore allowing your guests to avoid high roaming costs.


With the insertion of your logos and chosen colors, we will also be able to customize the app to mirror your own business brand, making your guests' experience even more memorable.

Get me home

"Home location" on the AudioMap can be any location you need your guests to consider home in that specific city(ex. meeting point of the guide, hotel, train station, dock of a port). Your guests will feel at home in any foreign city, being able, through our offline navigation system, to get back to the “Home location”.

Audio Tours
Audio Tours

POPGuide is the result of a consolidated experience in the production of tailor made audio content, currently consisting of a multilingual and ever-expanding portfolio of more than 70 cities, museums and interest sites.

  • Two mother tongue actors interpreting famous local characters
  • Interaction between the actors
  • Audio tracks not longer than 3 minutes
  • More than 65% of content is accompanied by music and natural sounds
  • Fun facts about visited sites
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POPGuide App has been developed to be used by both iOS and Android devices.