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A multicultural, inclusive, and dynamic team that has been developing digital solutions for tourism and culture for years.

Over 20 years of know-how in the tourism and cultural sector.

Thanks to the acquisition of valuable knowledge and the consolidation of solid expertise in the tourism sector, the Vox Group has developed a fully digital tool capable of reaching and engaging a wide range of users, with the aim of making the tourist experience more accessible and exciting for everyone: POPGuide.

Self-guided digital tours to be done independently.

POPGuide was born with the intention of overcoming the limitations of traditional approaches to tourism by creating an innovative digital system.

With POPGuide, Vox has developed the concept of self-guided tours, which allows individuals to embark on thematic itineraries independently and in their own language, without ever getting lost.

The POPGuide team is dynamic and stimulating, composed of young professionals from different backgrounds and countries. This eclectic group of 25 talents embraces a wide range of skills, ranging from developers to creatives, designers, and sales professionals.

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