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Moyocci is a renowned family business in Luxembourg committed to enhancing visitor experiences and leisure activities in the city.

The company launched, the first online booking platform in Luxembourg, enabling easy ticket purchases for events, entry passes, and guided tours. Moyocci then discovered POPGuide, an ideal solution for creating and distributing diverse packaged experiences.

The app now offers ten self-guided tours, including walking tours and museum visits, with audio guides in five languages and over 180 Points of Interest (POIs). Users can download the tours at their convenience, directly on their smartphone, eliminating the need for advance guide bookings.

Singapore Changi Airport

Changi Recommends, a subsidiary of Changi Airport Group, aims to enrich travel experiences for travellers to Singapore. It sought an app solution that could effectively map the city and its surroundings, provide easy user navigation on foot or by vehicle, highlight major points of interest, offer advertising opportunities, and support multiple languages.

To address these requirements, the Vox specialists developed a customised version of POPGuide. The application was launched in early 2019 and was made available to hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. It was conveniently accessible through airport outlets as well as online, providing an enhanced experience for travellers.


The renowned boat tour company Batorama approached us with a request to enhance their boat tour experience in Strasbourg by integrating a multilingual tour of the Strasbourg Cathedral directly on their customers' smartphones.

Thanks to POPGuide, Batorama developed in collaboration with the Cathedral authorities a unique multilingual audio guide service presenting forty-two points of interest placed inside and outside the Cathedral.


Iobus, a leading hop-on hop-off open-top tour bus company in Rome joined forces with POPGuide to provide tourists with an unparalleled and immersive experience.

By utilising the POPGuide App, tourists can disembark at each stop and participate in captivating walking tours that offer a profound exploration of Rome's iconic monuments. With the app's extensive collection of exciting stories about Rome, available in eight different languages, it ensures a delightful and informative experience for visitors from around the globe.

An additional family tour presenting a captivating dialog between two actors is available for children.

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